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How to De-Winterize Your Home in Preparation for Summer

How to De-Winterize Your Home in Preparation for Summer

Summer is a fantastic time of the year; its months are filled with fun and lots of exciting outdoor activities. As winter ends and summer approaches, we have to change many things to adapt to the warmth of the summer months, whether from the way we dress to how our homes look and even the appliances we use.

This brings us to the process of de-winterizing our homes; this term simply means changing the home set up to fit the warmer weather. So, how do you de-winterize your home? What are the basic steps you take to de-winterize your home? This article will look at how to de-winterize in preparation for summer. Keep reading to find out how to de-winterize your home.

Step 1: Before you start, make sure you have the proper tools like flashlights, wrenches, and pliers. All tools on display get to work, turn on electrical openings, assess all the single circuit breakers, and turn on the ones you shut off if you want your plumbing back up and flowing.

Step 2: Now it's time to connect all the water supply tubes and plumbing fixtures that you disconnected. You’ll have to assess them one after the other and reconnect tubes to valves. This should be done in every room, and don't forget the sink, toilet, and water-related appliances.

Step 3: Once you have connected all the water supply pipes and tubes, gently turn on the water supply to allow the trapped air to escape as water starts flowing from the pipes. Don't forget to open water heaters and boilers if you choose to de-winterize them. You will do this through valves on the pipes going in and out of these appliances.

Step 4: It never hurts to double-check.

Go back and check all plumbing fixtures in every room to ensure everything is working well after you have completed resetting your plumbing system.

Step 5: Connect all appliances if, by any chance, you disconnect all of your electrical appliances. With plumbing and heating in place, it’s time to get all your electrical systems running again.

Step 6: Check to see if there are any leaks from the pipes and if there is no leakage, your home is set to be used for summer.

Final Thought

The steps above are simple, you don't need a professional, with the right equipment, you can get your home ready for the warm seasons.

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