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Office Manager

As a Dallas area native, Yvette started in her family’s roll-off business at a young age and is experienced in every aspect of the industry including front desk, accounting, outside sales, and dispatcher. In her new role as office manager, she looks to tackle the challenge with the same integrity, energy, and hard work she learned from her parents while providing the quality of service she knows is necessary to succeed.


Meet The Team

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David Garrison

(Marketing & Web Design)

David has been in the IT Industry for 17 years and specializing in web marketing for 5 years. 


Jonathan Lozano

(Dispatch Coordinator)

Jonathan has been in the waste industry for over 10 years and has worked in every position in the field from Driver to Dispatcher.


Malio Lozano

(Lead Outside Sales Rep.)

Malio handles all business-to-business sales and has over 15 years experience in the waste industry.

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