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Common Property Renovation Mistakes To Avoid

Common Property Renovation Mistakes To Avoid

Renovating a home can be very expensive and involves a lot of dedication and commitment. Refurbishing your home and then selling it can be a great way to make money, but even small renovation mistakes can cost you a lot in terms of your property losing value. Here are some elementary mistakes that people make when renovating their homes to make them more appealing to buyers:

Improper Planning

Before considering any kind of property renovation, the house owner should have a proper plan in place. Property renovation without proper planning can lead to chaos and budget overruns. Without a proper plan, you might overpay for renovations and fail to sell the house for what it is actually worth including the cost of the overhaul. Besides cost, planning also involves considering the following:

Which parts of the house need to be renovated

Whether to outsource the project to contractors

Communication between the owner, contractors, and workers

Material cost, and so on

If all of these are not well-coordinated, it might be an expensive affair to correct mistakes as the project progresses.

Underestimating Your Expenses

Cost is a factor that directly impacts your budget: without an appropriate cost estimate, you can end up overspending unnecessarily; without doing thorough research on labor and material costs in your area, you might end up paying much more than you have to.

Being Overly Trendy

If you want to keep up with the Joneses and try to spend too much on renovation, there is no guarantee that it will actually add to your home’s value. When you are trying to sell your “fashionable” house a couple of months or more later, you may be in for an unpleasant shock.

Trying to Money On Paint

When you realize that you have exceeded your budget in other areas, you may tend to buy cheap quality paint to compensate. This might damage your walls - or the paint might fade much sooner. Also, making your own decisions about odd color combinations might represent increased expenditure, later on, to alter the color that a buyer is likely to go for.

Using an Outdated

Maintaining no proper consistency in the design and decoration of interiors and exteriors is another big mistake that people frequently tend to make. For example, if the outside of the house is contemporary, then the inside of the house shouldn’t be antique French.

Not Doing Profitability and Feasibility Research

Conducting a profitability analysis is the key to knowing how much profit you can expect to make. If your renovation project is relatively big, then you may not be able to make much of a profit unless you can factor in the cost of renovation into the property price. Without a proper strategy, there might be a huge mismatch between your forecasted profit and what you spent on the renovation. Checking the feasibility of your renovation project is equally important. If you are accepting a substantial loan for this kind of project, you may actually incur a loss when you sell.

Ignoring Your Target Market

Without knowing the demographics of the location you are renovating, who the buyers might be and what their expectations are, you might be renovating your house according to your taste rather than theirs. This might make it difficult to sell your property at the price you expect.

Lack of Time Management and Organizational Skills

A job to be completed in a few weeks might take months without proper time management and organizational skills. Unless you hire professional contractors who are under obligation to deliver the completed project by a given deadline, your renovation project might run on for months together. Avoid these common property renovation mistakes, and you are likely to make a tidy little sum on the sale.

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