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3 Things to Consider Before Insulating Your Garage Door

3 Things to Consider Before Insulating Your Garage Door

If your garage has become your grown-up clubhouse during quarantine and social distancing, you’re not alone. Depending on where you live and which direction your garage door faces, it’s time to get serious about keeping yourself comfortable in your garage when breezes turn to biting winds

Before reaching for a convenient garage door insulation kit, however, it’s smart to consider three important factors before insulating your garage door yourself:

  1. Will you heat your garage during cold months? Insulation slows the transfer of heat, but even the most well-insulated walls, doors, or ceilings won’t keep out the cold forever. So if you are going to heat it: are you going to heat your garage only while you are occupying it? Or all the time? Insulation can make a greater impact on your heating dollars when it’s an ongoing expense rather than an occasional operation.

  2. Will you keep your garage door closed all the time, or do you keep it open quite a bit? Consider whether you’ll keep your garage door open while you’re inside because you’re grilling in the driveway or watching your kids play in the driveway, for example. If the majority of the time you spend in the garage is spent with the door open anyway, insulating the door may not be the best use of your time and resources. However, those who like to paint, detail cars, or do other hobbies with temperature-sensitive products, for example, may opt to heat their garages consistently, and therefore keep their garage doors closed, to maintain their supplies and work environment.

  3. How well is the rest of the garage insulated? Is your garage door the weakest link in the insulation chain, so to speak? If your garage’s walls are well insulated, thus slowing the transfer of heat, and your garage door is allowing most of the heat to escape, then a garage door insulation kit makes sense. But if the rest of the garage is either not insulated or poorly insulated, adding insulation to the garage door only may not realize a big enough improvement to make a lasting difference.

Still ready to insulate your garage door? Check out these product reviews to decide on the right kit for you and your next DIY home improvement project.

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