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How to Install Crown Molding to Beautify Your Home

How to Install Crown Molding to Beautify Your Home

Crown molding can transform a room with beauty and sophistication. With a careful eye for detail during the planning and preparation phase, your do-it-yourself crown molding installation project can go smoothly.

Visualize. Imagine the look and feel you desire for the room. Sleek and simple? Ornate? Uplighting for ambiance? Do you want a stained wood with visible grain? A solid painted color? Do you prefer pre-primed or pre-painted? Depending on your color palette and design specifications, you may have a very simple selection process or a multi-step process getting your crown molding ready for installation.

Select. Today, crown molding is available in several different materials, including solid wood, a hybrid MDF, and even lightweight Styrofoam. Selecting the best material for the look and feel for your decor can make the cost and installation process vary greatly.

Measure. Accurate measurements are crucial, especially if ordering pieces pre-cut from your home improvement retailer to bring home and put up. Educate yourself on how to properly cut and install crown molding to be sure the way you are measuring and planning it out, piece by piece, is aligned with the recommended installation process. [Tip: Coping isn’t just for emotional wellness.]

Install. Traditionally, ornate solid wood crown molding is attached with finish nails hammered through the wood trim into a stud. But today, construction adhesive offers another choice in addition to, or in place of, hardware, especially in the case of lightweight foam trim. Be sure to follow product guidelines and building codes during installation.

Keep Going. Consider extending the look of your crown molding into other areas of your home: on the tops of kitchen cabinets, supporting display shelving, and framing doors and windows, can potentially add even more beauty to your space.


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