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Top five kitchen safety products every home must have

Top five kitchen safety products every home must have

Kitchen accidents are steadily on the rise, there have been reports of gas accidents and knife accidents. To avoid falling victim, you need to have the right tools, these will make your kitchen experience easier and safer.

Start by keeping things appropriately, and learning how to use your kitchen equipment, for instance it is one thing to have a good knife and another to use it safely.

The next step is to shop for the safety equipment, here are a couple you should put into consideration.

Knife Sheath

As simple as this may look, every home should have one for every knife they own. It will help cover your knives from accidental cuts. A perfectly fit slide will easily grip the knife keeping it secure.

Cleaning the slide is easy, it is safe to wash it with a dishwasher. Finally, a knife slide will keep your knife sharp, so you won't have to sharpen the knife often.

Toaster Cabinet Guard

Avocado toast is one of the most frequently used recipes, that's why you need a toaster cabinet guard. We toast almost every day. This means we use our toaster daily.

Install the guard which is a fire preventing shield over your toaster it will help reflect heat and protects your cabinets. You can also install it under your cabinet to prevent heat generated from under the toaster.

Indoor Smart Home Camera

When installing cameras we tend to ignore the kitchen, this is really a big mistake because our eyes and ears need to be fixed on the kitchen no matter the time and where you are in the home. A good smart home camera is a security device that notifies you in case there is an emergency through its alarm system.

Other features of a good smart camera are 360-degree rotation, motion detection and Wi-Fi connection. The best place to face the camera is towards your oven.

Cut Resistant Gloves

There's a good chance that you've been cut by a knife before, no matter how we try we cannot be too careful especially with sharp knives. That's why you need cut resistant gloves. They offer extra thick protection, and are comfortable and flexible at the same time. It allows you to get a good grip on both the knife and object when using it.

Frying Pan Splatter Guard

This safety tool is important for frying bacon, sauteing vegetables, cooking eggs, or making pancakes. It helps you to prevent hot water, oil, and food from burning your skin. The frying pan splatter guard aim is to make using your frying pan easier.

Bonus: Non-Slip Kitchen Rug

Washing with your kitchen sink poses a little risk, water sprinkles on the floor around can be slippery, that's why you need a non-slip kitchen rug to prevent you from slipping on wet floors. This safety kit is durable and designed with foam to ensure it lasts for a long time.

Kitchen accidents happen more often than you think, you cannot be too careful, but the safety products above will save you from avoidable accidents.

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