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Tips to care for your lawn


The state of your lawn can improve the aesthetics of your home. A well-nurtured lawn can enhance the appearance of your house, improve its beauty and provide the perfect setting. Having a beautiful lawn requires your conscious effort and can be achieved by proper care.


  1. Mow your lawn frequently: Regularly trimming your lawn helps to ward off weeds. If you do not practice weed control, the weeds in your lawn can outgrow and overcome your lawn grass. Weeds like clover, buttercups, yellow medick can grow wildly across your lawn if not properly checked. This is why it is important to rake your lawn before mowing to ensure the weeds are lifted from their roots and easily uprooted by the mower blades.

  2. Water your lawn regularly: The trick with watering your lawn is to do it in the appropriate amount. You don’t want to overwater your lawn and leave your lawn grasses poorly developed and their roots shallow. You can employ sprinklers, a hose, or a watering can to properly irrigate your lawn. You should also use organic fertilizers to improve root health and to ensure that your lawn is properly fed.

  3. Sweep your lawn: You should sweep your lawn every morning to clean off dead leaves from nearby trees. You should also sweep your lawn after mowing to clean off any grass that might have escaped the mower box.

  4. Fill up your lawn patches: Patches in your lawn can mar the beauty of your lawn; this is why it is important to fill up the spaces in your lawn. You can do this by filling these gaps with turfs.

  5. Edge your lawn: Edging your lawn is like giving your lawn a light trim; this is like a finishing touch to mowing and helps keep your lawn in shape.

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