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Storm-Damaged Trees? 5 Things Homeowners Must Know

Storm-Damaged Trees? 5 Things Homeowners Must Know

Here’s what to do when trees fall or break on your property

It’s inevitable. Severe weather is going to knock down and damage trees on your property at some point. Whether it’s merely fallen leaves and twigs, or an entire mighty oak brought to the ground, the mess can take hours to clean up correctly. Here’s what you should know:

  1. Public space like a road is the government’s cleanup responsibility, but their work stops at your property line. If the tree falls in your yard, they’ll clear the road, but your property is your responsibility.

  2. Call your homeowner’s insurance company right away to report the incident and receive instructions on documenting the damage. Do not begin cleanup without documenting the damage according to your insurance company’s specifications.

  3. More tree damage than just leaves and twigs? Call an arborist to discuss your tree’s current condition and what to do next. Don’t assume even severely damaged trees are doomed. Sometimes trees that seem hopeless can actually be salvaged, so don’t rule it out until a pro says so.

  4. Absolutely sure you have to remote a tree? Call a professional to remove it safely and properly. You don’t want your home (or your life) to become a tree-cutting statistic. Sadly, homeowners can die in tree-related accidents.

  5. Unfortunately had to remove a mature tree? Have your property value reassessed, as this has likely caused a drop in your home’s value.

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