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Quick Start Guide to Painting a Room

Quick Start Guide to Painting a Room

Painting a room is a great way to update décor and revive a space. Summer is the perfect season for a fresh look.

Once you have the perfect swatch, the hardware store can mix your paint and help select appropriate quantity for the room. Fun tip: Dallas Cowboy Navy Blue is a great color for bedrooms and creates a formal looking dining area.

You will need a few tools for this job. Brushes are used to paint around the edges and trim. Rollers are used to paint the open wall, leaving behind a long stroke. When selecting your tools be mindful of quality. Cheap brushes leave bristles in your paint and on the wall. It adds a lot of time and frustration to the process. A bad roller can be equally annoying, leaving lint on your wall and gumming up the paint. Invest in quality tools for this project. Painting cabinets or furniture may require different steps.

Lay a drop cloth on the floor to catch any spills. Even the best painter will have a spill or drip. As careful as we are, it is best to protect your flooring and nearby furniture. As a tip learned from experience, keep a clean cloth nearby for those stray drips.

Just before you begin, take a dust cloth and wipe the walls to prepare a clean surface. Fun tip: add essential oils to the paint can. Essential oils have been known to aid in dispelling paint fumes and deodorizing a room.

Start by cutting out the room. Paint all the edges with a brush. Next you will use the roller. Aim for long, even strokes in the same direction. Try to paint your project all at one time. By stopping and starting, you can cause drying lines.

Don’t skip the trim and ceiling! Painting a ceiling is hard work. It’s very tempting to just skip it. However, a fresh coat of paint on the ceiling and trim really show off the room and your finished product.

Share our quick start guide and tell us about your next painting project!

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