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Prep for summer – Inside and Out!

Summer is a state of mind…like Texas. Our hearts and minds are already there! Prep your home for summer as well.

Mulch – The purpose of mulch is to serve as a top layer over your landscaping and garden areas. It helps to retain moisture in the soil. The smell of mulch is potent. We all know it and the scent brings our mind right into the season of summer.

Wash windows – Let the sunshine in! Grab the hose and rinse your windows. For a streak free shine, clean with your windows with a blend of vinegar and water. A local hardware store will also have window cleaning solution. Tools like an extendable sprayer or sponge can be very useful in a deeper clean or on hard to reach areas of the home.

Prep the Grill – You can smell the BBQ from here. Nothing like getting the smoker and grill going on a Texas summer day. Make sure your equipment is in top condition. Have extra propane on hand, check all dials and condition of racks. Better to take stock now than run out of propane when the brisket is half done.

Don’t neglect the inside of your home! Take advantage of the warm weather to open the windows and let the fresh air in. This is a perfect time to do a little cleaning of those areas that are used seasonally. The blades on ceiling fans are often neglected from cleaning routines due to height or out of our line of sight. Grab the step stool and dust cloth and give them a wipe. This summer when you need to circulate air, we don’t want to blow dust through the air. On the same line of thinking, it will soon be time to turn on the air conditioner. Give the air vents in your home a cleaning before air starts blowing through.

Prep your home for summer and be sure to include us in your plans! Call Capital Disposal for a quote on all dumpster and porta potty needs.

Roll off dumpsters can easily be rented from Capital Disposal in several lengths to fit the size of your project. A Live Chat is available through the website to receive a quote or give us a call. Scheduling online is easy! Pick the day that works for you to drop off the dumpster and start your project.

Call 1-866-212-2095 or visit us at

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