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How to Remove a Bathroom Mirror

How to Remove a Bathroom Mirror

Bathroom mirrors are usually heavy; they are designed to help us see all or most parts of our body, that's why they are relatively big—Sometimes taking up the whole walls. Mirrors are installed on the wall using heavy-duty glue or brackets; if you are relocating or just want to change your mirror's location, you need to be very careful to avoid causing a crack or breaking the mirror.

The following steps will help you safely remove your bathroom mirror without damage.

Step 1 Protect Yourself and the Sink Area

Before you start removing the mirror from the bathroom wall, make sure to take precautions on yourself and the areas surrounding the mirror.

Step 2 Cover the Mirror with Duct Tape

Make sure to cover the mirror with strips of your duct tape, crossing in several directions to cover the entire mirror and every inch of it. This is a precautionary measure to avoid injury in the case of an accident. The tape reduces the chances of the mirror breaking and prevents any mirror shards from flying around if it shatters.

Step 3 Remove the Clips From Both Sides and Top

Use your screwdriver to remove the clips from both sides of the mirror. Insert your screwdriver again and loosen the bottom clips but don’t remove them.

Step 4 Heat the Glue to Loosen It

If you used glue to attach the mirror to your bathroom wall, you’d need to loosen the glue holding it, preferable by heating it. Before you start heating, make sure someone is with you to keep an eye on the mirror if it starts to slip as you are focused on your work.

Apply heat to the corners and the edges of the mirror using a heat gun or blow-dryer, whichever is convenient for you, then move to the middle but should be 7 or 10 inches away and should last for 20 minutes to melt the glue in the back of the mirror.

Step 5 Open the Wall

Slide a drywall knife between the mirror and the drywall at the lowest corner, pull the handle gently towards you to pry the mirror off the wall. Use your other hand to hold and guide it away from the wall as the mirror comes off. It’s time to move the mirror.

Step 6 Remove the Mirror Off The Wall

Your mirror is no longer connected to the wall; you can take it down. Be very cautious – it will be heavy.

Make sure you support both the top and bottom of the mirror. If you don’t, the glass may break because of its weight.


We have come to the end of our guide on removing a bathroom mirror. Your mirror is secured with glue or clips; we hope you’re confident about how to take it down now with our guides. And don't forget to store your clips and mirror.

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