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Are you aware that the plumbing system in your home accounts for about 15% of your total home value? It is no mystery that regular checkup on your plumbing system assures that you have clean water. The importance of clean, fresh water can never be overemphasized as it can affect general wellbeing in terms of health and hygiene. This means that your plumbing system is not just an investment but also bears health implications.

Here's how to go about a routine plumbing checkup:

  1. Inspecting for leaks: The first step to every checkup is to carry out a thorough inspection. You can check out for leaks in your pipe or plumbing before they transform into major problems. Property damage such as mold, wood rot, or corrosion can result from tiny leaks. Handling the long-term damages that come from small leaks can cause more expenses, hence the need to deal with hidden leaks immediately.

  2. Clearing drain clogs: Clogs in the drain can block water flow resulting in slow drains. Drain clogs are usually caused by waste, congealed oils, and grease, or debris that goes down the sink. Clogs in the kitchen drains can result from unsuitable use of the garbage disposal, such as putting stringy food waste into the disposal, or not running water down your pipes for at least 20 seconds after making use of the garbage disposal to ensure all waste are properly flushed down.

  3. Checking for busted or frozen pipes: it is important to check for frozen pipes as this can result in in-house flooding. If your indoor pipes are easily susceptible to freezing then you should take certain precautions to reduce the rate of freezing:

  • Using a heater in your rooms to ensure that warm air keeps your pipes from freezing.

  • Ensure the cabinets where your pipes are housed are regularly left open to allow proper air circulation to them.

4. Inspect your water faucet: you can do this by turning on your faucet and ensuring that water is not draining off the valves and faucet handles. You should also inspect your showerheads and pipe fittings to ensure they are in good condition.



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