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How to make the most of your small kitchen

How to make the most of your small kitchen

Making the most of your small kitchen might seem to be a challenge to many. You want to have more space for movement and also have an orderly kitchen where you can easily find kitchen utensils. Having an organized kitchen environment makes it easier for you to go about your business in the kitchen. Regardless of the size of your kitchen, there are simple and yet efficient ways for you to utilize your kitchen space.

Here’s how you can Make the Most Of Your Kitchen

  1. Wall Extensions: Install wall hangers, clips and magnets that you can hang your everyday kitchen tools like spoons, knives and pans. This allows you to be able to easily reach them and not make a clutter in the kitchen area.

  2. Be Smart with Shelves: Get shelves that can contain commonly used kitchen items like cook books, spices, jars and the likes. Do ensure that the shelves are properly knocked into the wall and ensure you don’t overload them with items heavier than their capacity.

  3. Pick Drawers Over cupboards: Using drawers over cupboards allows you to easily compartmentalize kitchen items and have a mental catalogue of what belongs where. Cupboards require you to rummage before finding the item you need.

  4. Keep what you rarely use in Boxes: To avoid clutter in spaces, keep the items you use on occasion in boxes, like the special skillet you use on occasion should be boxed to make room for other items. The key to making the most out of your kitchen will be to master space management. Leverage small spaces and get creative too.

  5. Rods and foldable furniture Use rods and spaces to hang items that will take space, such items include your cleaning materials, pans and spoons. You can also invest in foldable furniture like chairs and table for proper space management.

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