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How to Fix that Iron Rail

How to Fix that Iron Rail

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy your outdoor space. However, nothing is more disappointing than spending the time and money setting up the patio. Only to look around and realize you have an eyesore lining the area. Yep, it’s that rusted iron rail.

An iron rail typically runs along the length of a patio for décor but can also serve a safety purpose. When it looks like your rail is ready for the dumpster or a scrap metal pile, it is time to take action. Entertaining friends and family with a rusty iron rail as your backdrop is a draw back. However, when rails become loose the issue is much more serious and needs to be addressed.

Repair to an iron rail can feel daunting. It’s not a typical DIY project. However, tackling a simple repair job is easier than it looks.

  1. Hose off the patio rail to clear dirt and debris.

  2. Clean off loose paint and rust with a wire brush. The goal is to simply smooth rough surfaces and pay attention to rusted areas.

  3. Repair any broken base pieces with brackets to secure them to the cement. Brackets can be found at your local hardware store and use screws made for going into cement. If you are unsure about this step, contact your local Dallas handyman or concrete works.

  4. Time to paint! Use a paint like Rustoleum that adheres to metal. Spray paint is available. However, a can of paint and small brush will evenly cover detailed ironwork. There may be a point where rust and lack of maintenance have caused too much damage. Consider removing the rail for safety. Lack of a rail may be better than leaning on a rail that falters.

When removing a rail, detach the base work from the patio. These will be large pieces so a dumpster or your local scrap metal company will be very helpful for this project.

US News and World Report finds that summer is the peak time for visitors in Austin/Dallas. Prep that patio for a picnic or BBQ!

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