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Add Value to Your Home This Weekend

Add Value to Your Home This Weekend

The real estate market is competitive this summer. Dallas News and Biz Journal report that home prices in the Dallas area are still on the rise. Take advantage of the full value of your home. Here are 3-weekend warrior projects to add value and put your home at the top of the market:

“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” When someone drives past your house, make sure they notice a tidy lawn. They should not see debris, yard bags or dead landscaping.

Yard clean-up is an easy way to brighten the front of your home. Weed garden beds, rake, and mow the lawn for a clean look. Go the extra step of removing any dead plants and replacing items or filling in gaps in a garden space. Perennials are a great way to maintain landscaping.

2. Fix what is broken No one wants to pay full home value for a house that needs repairs. We all have a broken handle or quirky pipe that we just work around. Pull the full value out of your home by fixing these often minor issues. Put some WD-40 on the squeaky hinge and replace the hard to reach light bulbs.

Projects like broken blinds or a loose door knob may be tougher to tackle. We live in the age of DIY projects. YouTube is full of how-to videos to walk you through a project. For more difficult projects like plumbing and electrical issues, a professional is always a good idea. Contact your local Dallas Fort Worth handymen to get the job done well.

3. Fresh coat of paint Last month we gave you a Quick-Step Guide to Painting a Room. Never underestimate the value of a fresh coat of paint. It makes a room look fresh and clean. Update a look and add to the value of a home being move-in ready.

These 3-weekend warrior projects are a great way to stay at the top of the competitive Dallas real estate market.

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