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7 Steps to Get Your Home Rental Ready

7 Steps to Get Your Home Rental Ready

So you’re going to rent out your home to a tenant? Congratulations!

Assuming you have expertly tackled the financial and legal considerations of renting, let’s get your home rental ready:

  1. Clear it out! Rent a dumpster if you need one, and make sure all valuables are removed before you show the property to prospective tenants. Remember: Clutter repels renters, so make sure it’s cleaned out and cleared out before you open the door.

  2. Re-key the locks. This includes alarm codes and even locks to gates, the mailbox, garage, shed, or other fixtures. If your community has codes for shared amenities like a pool, be sure to take note as well.

  3. Inspect and repair doors and windows. Doors and windows are important to the safety, appearance, and energy efficiency of the home. Be sure everything is in good repair and mechanically sound.

  4. Spray for pests. Maintaining a preventative maintenance schedule can help you and your tenants avoid costly headaches and potential health and safety code concerns.

  5. Replace air filters. This is especially important to prevent allergens from previous residents’ pets or other airborne pathogens that would be unhealthy for new occupants.

  6. Professionally clean top to bottom. Once the home has been decluttered and secured, it’s time to have the home professionally cleaned, top to bottom, to remove any dust, deep clean any carpets, and ensure the home is completely sanitized and safe for the next occupant.

  7. Improve curb appeal. Consider what your budget will allow to enhance the value and desirability of your rental property: spruce up the lawn, trim bushes and trees, edge along sidewalks, paint trim, update house numbers, or replace the mailbox.

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