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5 Ways to Prep Your Home for Winter

5 ways to Prep Your Home for Winter

Baby, it’s cold outside! There is frost in the air and our calendars are turning toward the holidays. Change in temperature and the coming winter weather can be hard on your property. Here are five ways you can prepare and protect your home.

1. Outdoor faucets and sprinklers: Tending to your outdoor faucets and water lines is a top priority for winter home protection. Drain all outdoor hoses and detach from faucets. Store them indoors or covered. Water left behind in underground sprinklers can be particularly damaging. Schedule maintenance to have your system blown out and prepared for winter. Don’t forget the pool! If you haven’t already, now is the time to shut down the pool for the season.

2. Chimney: Winter is the perfect season to take advantage of a cozy fire. Use your fireplace safely by scheduling a chimney sweep. These professionals will also check for maintenance issues or any animals that may have taken up residence. Don’t forget to stock up on firewood!

3. Weather stripping: Weather stripping is a seal around windows and doors to prevent drafts and moisture. It can tear or simply break down. Hold your hand around openings to feel for air. Or you may notice moisture inside your home! Replace weather stripping or hire a handyman before cold winter months set in.

4. Change screens to storm doors: This seems obvious but can be overlooked for its simplicity. Screens on doors and windows are so nice for allowing air flow through the warmer months. In the winter, change to storm doors to prevent drafts and moisture.

5. Snow Gear: Everyone can benefit from having salt on hand for icy pavement. Now is the time to make sure tools like shovels and the car brush are accessible. In areas that experience harder winters, make sure the snow blower has gas or attach your snowplow to the truck. Stock the pantry with a little extra food in case you get snowed in. Or if you live in Texas, you might need that shovel to start digging that summer pool.

Don’t let winter sneak up on you! Prepare your home today.

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