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5 Steps to Declutter Your Laundry Room

5 Steps to Declutter Your Laundry Room

A Little Time Invested Means Extra Time Saved

The Laundry Room is a busy place. It can seem as if the washer and dryer never stop running to keep up with the daily use of clothing, bath towels, bedsheets, cleaning rags, mop heads, and even washable diapers.

With so much going on, it’s important to declutter this area regularly to keep the hub of household cleaning operating efficiently:

  1. Gather up the trash. A couple of empty laundry detergent bottles and a few fallen dryer sheets can quickly make a room seem cluttered and in disarray. Grab a garbage bag and identify all the trash first to clear the way for sorting and organizing next. Remember to take time out to clean your dryer’s lint trap and use a dryer vent cleaning brush to ensure your home’s safety against accidental fires caused by lint build-up in the vent hose.

  2. Remove all the non-laundry items that end up in your laundry area. While outfits are being changed and towels are being dropped into hampers, it seems that odd items end up being forgotten in the laundry area. Now is the time to tote that sports equipment and a cup full of stray pocket change back to its designated place and off the top of your washing machine.

  3. Sort your detergents and supplies. Have a couple of empty laundry detergent containers opened at once? Consolidate those partially empty bottles to clear unnecessary clutter and make way for more space to sort and fold washed items. Lining up detergents and other laundry-related supplies neatly seems to instantly improve the feel and efficiency of the room without making any other changes. While you’re at it, be sure to sort and label your hampers according to how you organize your laundry as well.

  4. Make a home for your laundry supplies. “A place for everything and everything in its place,” my grandmother used to recite. This means your detergent, stain sticks, dryer balls, and other accessories have a home—perhaps in a caddy or basket—when not in use so they’re not loosely lying around somewhere in the room to be buried under laundry when you need to find them. Would a simple rolling cart between the washer and dryer help alleviate space constraints and offer a greater level of convenience and organization? What about a basket or container to catch items found in pockets before going into the wash, such as money, bank cards, to-do lists, tissues, and other items?

  5. Create an end-to-end laundry workspace, if space permits. Why carry your clothes to another part of the house to line dry or iron them? If it’s possible and desirable to create a convenient and close-by setup, why not set up a drying rack, string an overhead clothes line, and set up an ironing and folding station in the same room? By seeing through the entire flow of laundry in one well-organized space, it is possible to make life easier and more efficient, saving precious time and steps every day.

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