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5 Easy and Straight forward Ways to Update your Bathroom

5 Easy and Straight forward Ways to Update your Bathroom

Are you bored with your bathroom design? Or do you want to change the look of the bathroom for a new tenant? There's no need to hire professionals, there are simple DIY renovations that you can carry out in no time.

Thanks to modern and advanced bathroom decorating materials, you will be able to transform the looks of your bathroom in no time. You will not spend a fortune, no grout, and no hassle. Here are five practical ways to go about it.

1. Carry Out a Paint Job

With a good paint job, you don't have to remove your house tiles to transform the toilet. A simple paint job can make all the difference.

Don't just stop repainting; little decorations like flowers here and there will also boost the bathroom’s appearance.

2. Install Wallpaper

Wallpaper also significantly impacts the overall outlook of the bathroom; a bold look like blue-on-blue will leave a significant impact without you removing the tiles. You can also go for any other design of your choice. There are countless lists to choose from.

Installing wallpaper that won't look off requires considering the existing tile design.

3. Change Your Faucet

Another significant update that can be made without changing a single tile is changing the faucet. Most faucets in old homes would need this upgrade because they no longer do justice to modern designs. They are small and outdated.

There are different beautiful faucet designs for you to choose from. If your tile is white, consider installing gold faucets, the gold color is elegant, detailed and makes the most significant difference.

4. Install New Mirrors

Installing new mirrors is another significant way to upgrade your bathroom without removing your tiles. A gorgeous large mirror may be all the difference that you need to change the overall design of your bathroom. It is needed. It makes the home look modern and fresh.

Also, taller mirrors create a visual illusion that leaves the ceiling looking higher than it is.

5. Add Arts

This is another way you can easily update the overall look of your bathroom. A little art and design here and there would work magic. Renovating your kitchen cabinets and sink also doesn't require removing your tiles. Be cautious of this upgrade, so you don't overcrowd your toilet space.

If your tiles are already too colorful, hanging just two pieces of art is enough.

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