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3 Ways to Tackle Post Holiday Cleanup

3 Ways to Tackle Post Holiday Cleanup

The grandparents have gone home, and the cookies are all eaten. Santa is back hibernating at the North Pole till next year. You are stuck with the leftovers and that dead tree in the living room.

Packing up Christmas is anticlimactic. We tackle three projects that might slow you down:

1 – Live Christmas Trees: Live trees are a great tradition and fun to hunt for as a family. Removal of the tree after the holiday can be a project. Somehow you need to get that dry, prickly dinosaur out to the curb on garbage day.

Christmas tree removal bags are widely available at Target, Amazon or your local hardware store. Toss it over the tree and haul it out to the street. Pro tip for next year: tuck the bag under your tree skirt so it can be pulled up and over for less mess.

2 – Artificial Greenery: Many of us have artificial trees or festive wreaths around the house. After several years of pulling these items in and out storage, branches and fake pine needles start to look ragged. I looked at my own artificial tree this year and wondered, “How would I ever get rid of this?” With so much metal and wire holding these items together, disposal may become a question.

When holiday greenery wears out or you just

would like to replace it, donation to Goodwill is a great option. However, if the tree or wreath is straggly and damaged please dispose of it responsibly. While not recyclable, these items are acceptable for your local garbage pickup.

3 – Electronics: Light up yard decorations and strings of lights are so festive. We love the glow and cheer they bring to the season. Eventually, these burn out and it’s hard to know how to dispose of them. We want to be responsible with those wires and bulbs.

Many towns have started holiday light recycling programs with drop off locations. Your local hardware store may have a drop off bin for seasonal items like this that need to be recycled. Check your local area for programs and drop off locations.

To ring in the New Year with a fresh start, call Capital Disposal.

Roll off dumpsters can easily be rented from Capital Disposal in several lengths to fit the size of your project. A Live Chat is available through the website to receive a quote or give us a call. Scheduling online is easy! Pick the day that works for you to drop off the dumpster and start your project.

Call 1-866-212-2095 or visit us at

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