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3 Things to Know Before Starting An Eviction Cleanout

3 Things to Know Before Starting An Eviction Cleanout

Evictions are never fun, but once they are complete, the property owner generally has a lot of cleaning up to do. If you are a landlord or a property manager, you are already aware of the cost that comes to getting rid of an unwanted tenant. Depending on the situation, you may be left with a property that is full of junk, damage, and no less than a few of your previous tenant's belongings that you will now need to dispose of. Before you can start looking for a new renter, you will need to complete an eviction clean out and perhaps even perform some repairs.

It is important to manage your eviction clean out properly to avoid legal hassles from your past tenant and ensure everything is in tip-top shape for your new renter. Here are three things you should keep in mind before completing your evection cleanout.

Make A Garbage Removal Plan

During an eviction, there is often a houseful of items left behind. While most cities require landlords to hold onto items of value for a certain time period, not everything in the house is actually reclaimable. Leaving trash, perishables, loose packaging, and even dirty clothing can invite vermin and other pests to linger on the property. Have an eviction cleanup plan in mind that will allow you to set aside things of value while allowing you to clean the premises and keep it free for vermin and pest. Consider renting a small waste disposal unit to get rid of loose packaging, broken furniture, and anything else of little to no value left behind. While you can hire a waste removal service, it is a good idea to sort things out prior to disposal to avoid problems down the line.

Consider Recouping Lost Income

Before you rent a dumpster for your eviction clean out, check the laws in your area. Some landlords are able to claim property left behind by an evicted tenant if there is still money owed for back rent. Even if there is property damage that is the fault of the renter, some states offer an automatic lien on any property left behind. Of course, junk, trash, and broken items should make their way straight to the garbage bin. You can even hire a junk removal service to haul away your rental dumpster or bags of trash following the cleanup.

Inform Your Tenant

There is a process that comes with evictions, and generally, before a tenant is kicked out they are informed so they have a chance to correct or quit. Even if your tenant did not prepare for their departure, it is a good idea, and in some cases, the law, to preserve and inform them of where to collect their belongings. Always let your evicted tenant know in writing where they can recover their belongings. Make sure that you also inform them that a waste disposal company will be carting them away after a certain time period. If you are in need of eviction cleanout with a professional touch, or if you are looking for affordable dumpster rentals for your cleanout project, call us today to find out how we can help.

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