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3 Steps to Refurbish Your Outdoor Lights

3 Steps to Refurbish Your Outdoor Lights

The day has finally cooled off and you want to take advantage of the evening. Step outside to talk with your neighbors. Home lights flood the yards with a bright glow.

Don’t look too close! You’ll see the rust and faded outdoor fixtures. There’s an easy fix to brighten your exterior.

  • Step 1- Clean off the outdoor lights. Depending on the situation, this could be a light roll off with the broom and a damp cloth. However, if the birds enjoy your lights you will need to get out the hose and some soapy water for a little more aggressive approach. If there are rust spots, go over them with a bristle brush. This is the time to assess true condition of the fixture. Is it worth fixing or a waste of time? Consider if you would be better served disposing and replacing. Your local Dallas-Fort Worth home store will have replacement products.

  • Step 2 – Use painter’s tape to protect the brick or siding of your home. Roll off painter’s tape around the light fixture and any glass panels the light may have.

  • Step 3 – Time to paint! Use Rust-oleum or similar paint that works well on metal. A small brush is a great tool for the intricate details of most light fixtures. Apply an even coat and allow ample time to dry before a second round. Note: Spray paint is available. It would be difficult to use so close to the house. If you can completely remove the fixture from the home and pull out the glass panels, leaving only the metal, take advantage of the spray option!

To add extra shine to your outdoor fixtures, consider the light bulb. There are numerous options on the market. For a bright beam across the lawn, choose a Daylight Bulb. A Soft White Bulb gives a warm, friendly glow.

Take advantage of the Austin summer evenings with a bright outdoor fixture on your home.

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