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3 DIY window blinds you should be hanging in your home

3 DIY window blinds you should be hanging in your home

Windows are an essential part of the home, and most often than one might think, homeowners think that after choosing a style of windows for their home, it ends there and they don’t put too much thought in the choosing of their blinds at all and this tends to affect how the interior décor looks like.

These blinds vary a lot and each is more appealing than the next one, and these blinds can go a long way in sprucing up the interior of the home and they can give the home a brand new look hereby making it homelier and inviting.

  1. Back tab curtains: These kind of blinds has to be one of the easiest to make as what you basically need is a little bit of sewing experience and a piece of fabric (depending on your window size) and some poles, and what you do is get a piece of twill tape and improvise some holes here at the tip of the curtain and voila, you insert the pole through those holes and you hang your curtain and have your window looking good.

  2. Roman shade: This is another style of window blinds that are just plain easy to make, as what you need is just a piece of fabric with a flat piece of plywood at the end and you then drill it into your window, then with just fabric glue, a couple of tension rods and with a bit of know-how you can achieve a roman shade look that is sure to make your home look really awesome.

  3. Mini Blinds: Mini blinds is another type of window blinds that is relatively easy to do to and looks amazing plus also get two different modes after you have done as you can let some light in anytime you want, all you need is plastic blinds to create a framework and you can then attach the blind framework to a fabric and then adjust it as much as you want and you then hang it up and you have your beautiful; window blind.

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