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10 Helpful Tips for Decluttering Your Bathroom

10 Helpful Tips for Decluttering Your Bathroom

How does such a small room become such a big mess, anyway?

You could have sworn you just cleaned the bathroom yesterday, but the sink is full of kids’ toothpaste mess and the newest roll of toilet paper in use is currently sitting on its side instead of put onto the roll holder... It’s inevitable: as fast as the bathroom gets cleaned, it gets dirty again. But here are a few solutions to make it seem better organized, even for just a little while:

  1. Organize your linen closet first to uncover as much storage space out of view as possible. If you’re fortunate to have more space in your linen closet than what you need specifically your towels and washcloths, this can be a great overflow storage area for baskets and boxes of categorized supplies and styling tools to keep your vanity area and visible surfaces clean and clear form clutter on a daily basis.

  2. Enclose your under-sink area to hide pipes and give a hiding place to your cleaning supplies. Be sure to add a child safety device if you have little ones living in or visiting your home. This is one example of a cabinet designed to enclose a pedestal sink.

  3. Add shelving and storage wherever possible, including in narrow spaces and over the toilet. These ideas from Ikea show different bathroom storage combinations to help you visualize what might work for your unique bathroom space.

  4. Use hooks on doors—including cupboard doors and entry/closet doors-- to make the most of all possible surface areas.

  5. Use shower caddies for each person to tote their supplies into the shower and back out again to avoid having an overflow of bottles and products taking over the bathtub and counter space.

  6. Contain cords for styling appliances and hair dryers to eliminate clutter and reduce risk of accidents.

  7. Use baskets, bins, and organizers wherever possible to categorize like items and store them together in an orderly fashion.

  8. Hang towel hooks for each member of the household to keep daily use towels up off their floor and in the right place for each person. This allows you to keep a fresh display of clean towels on the towel bar for a neat appearance, especially when entertaining guests.

  9. Tuck away everything you can to cut back on the appearance of clutter and make the room seem better kept. It can be very difficult to keep all of the supplies usually stored in a bathroom looking neat and orderly without concealing them in drawers or baskets.

  10. Always remember medicine cabinet safety, including responsibly disposing of expired medications and adding child safety latches to protect children from potential poisons.

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